The Top 25 Funeral Companies and Funeral Homes on Twitter

For the ICCFA conference, in which we had a fantastically received presentation on Social Media (slides coming soon!), I went about collecting a list of the top funeral professionals on Twitter. This list was handed out to the hundreds of conference attendees, and as I promised previously, I want to post it on the FI Blog for everyone to utilize.

I know this is a very dynamic list, and I’m certainly inadvertently leaving off many great companies or people. So if you think you belong add your Twitter account in the comments.

If you want them all in one shot, just follow the Top Funeral Professionals on Twitter list I compiled.


One thought on “The Top 25 Funeral Companies and Funeral Homes on Twitter

  1. nolanryder

    I had no idea there was an actual list of the top 25 funeral companies posted online. i have to ask you, How do these companies get ranked? don’t you think people have personal preference on how they want their <a href="">memorial services </a> to be brought about? maybe by people they know? i don’t know, if you could respond, that would be great.

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